Hello, I'm Sonna.

This is my corner of the internet to share the things I've learnt on my journey to creating an organised life. I work as a medic over here in London, England, which means my days can get pretty full. With years of studying for hours and working even longer hours, I've tried and tested almost every tip, trick and technique on how to establish good habits, get organised and plan ahead to support a modern day lifestyle. The end result is that I have simple systems for living, so that my life flows almost effortlessly.

Getting organised has made it possible to spend time doing the things I truly enjoy. I've reignited my love of calligraphy, I read like it's going out of fashion and my sewing machine is no longer gathering dust. When I'm not here on the blog, you'll find me on eBay, bidding and buying to my heart's content.

With a little more organisation and a few plans in place, the possibilities in life are truly endless. Thank you for stopping by. Stick around for a while and I'll share all I've learnt with you. There's plenty to explore, head over here to get started with one of my courses or read a few blog posts.