Want A Squeaky Clean Home? Try This Tripod Of Success

Most blogs about getting organised are mostly about home organisation; kitchen closets, wardrobe rehab, laundry schedules and the like. That’s not my sole intention here. I want to cover topics about being organised that pertain to all aspects of life. I believe it’s a skill that applies to all that we do and all that we are. Of course, you’ll have to take my word for it for now, but please do stick around and you’ll be able to judge for yourself. For now, I figured I’d pen a ‘homey’ article that shares my viewpoint. So let’s get stuck into my take on cleaning and the home front.


1.    Aim for neat and tidy over clean

Cleaning is easy, I said easy, not enjoyable! Some people like cleaning, others just get it done and others get a cleaner. The real key to a clean home is keeping it neat and tidy, if things are arranged well and there’s no clutter and everything or most things are in their place, then a room will look clean. Sure, there might be a few dusty surfaces, the floor might not be spotless, but the overall impression is one of cleanliness. Now, keeping a room or home neat and tidy requires good habits that are repeated daily or several times a day. You’ve got to start with a well designed and decorated room, that’s down to personal preference. Then you need to develop the habit of returning things to their rightful places. And then acting right away when spills, splashes and stains happen, they inevitably will. If you really take those points to heart and act on them, then your home will take on a neat and tidy appearance which will significantly contribute to it looking much cleaner than before. And when it comes to cleaning time, it becomes a pretty speedy affair because you won’t need to manoeuvre around a whole load of misplaced junk or need to put umpteen things away.

2.    Clean the kitchen daily

Now, my rationale for cleaning the kitchen daily is that hygiene is really essential here. Who wants to prep a meal in or eat food from a grubby kitchen? Nope, none of us. So you can see there’s an inherent desire to keep the kitchen clean, even if cleaning is not your thing, that desire is in you and it needs to be harnessed! Whether you clean up a little as you go along throughout the day or do an end of the day clean, it must be done. In the words of Nike, just do it. There really isn’t any other option. If spontaneous visits from friends and family make you wish you could spontaneously combust because of piles of dirty dishes, cluttered counter tops and an unwelcome whiff from an overflowing bin in your kitchen, then you need to start cultivating a ‘clean the kitchen everyday’ habit. Stat.

3.    Never clean at the weekend

Our weeks are full of lots of activities, be it running a business, going out to work, staying at home or looking after children. Now, I don’t know many people who look forward to household chores at the weekend. I don’t. Just saying the word chores, makes my eyes droop! I can see how we inevitably end up leaving housework until the weekend, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter how busy your week is, I am positive that you could find time during the week to get the household duties fulfilled. How about food shopping on a thursday night or having it delivered? If you don’t have a cleaner, how about picking one night of the week to clean and do laundry. It just requires us to really look at our weekday schedules and get creative. The plus side is that you’ll have a weekend free to do things you actually enjoy, because I haven’t yet met a single person who says they like household chores and errands. Of course, it will take practice to make this new routine stick, but hey every journey starts with a single step. And when that journey is heading towards more free time at the weekend, you can definitely count me in!