Be A Frockstar! 7 Reasons Why Dresses Are The Ultimate Clothing Item

So how many times have you been caught out deciding what to wear? Usually in the morning right?! Standing in front of open wardrobe doors staring at the contents and getting stuck on what to wear is a very familiar situation for me. I repeatedly promised myself I’d get organised and plan my outfits ahead of time and only recently started using an outfit planner. And it has been a game changer. However, what has been an even bigger help in choosing my daily outfits has been limiting my choices to dresses. Becoming a frockstar has so many benefits and I’ve listed them below.


1.  All In One

It doesn’t matter whether the day’s dress code is professional or casual, my wardrobe has a dress for just about every occasion. And choosing which one to wear is a simpler process because it’s just a single item; a dress. No need to worry about a coordinating skirt, shirt or blouse. No thoughts of mixing and matching colours or prints. It’s all done and dusted when you choose a dress for the day. Pick one and you’re done. If your wardrobe is seriously lacking in the dress department, head over here to be inspired before you head out to the shops.

2.  So Many Styles

There’s an abundance of different styles of dresses to choose from that flatter just about every body shape, my favourites are fit and flare, peplum and maxi dresses. It takes a little experimentation and a few trying-on sessions to figure out what suits you, but eventually you’ll work it out and then it’s easy peasy to build up your wardrobe. Besides trying on a whole load of dresses, other ways to work out what suits you is to pick a celebrity with a similar figure to yours and search online for images of what they wear and see what takes your fancy. You could also use the same approach with fashion bloggers. And there are the more traditional options of booking a session with an in-store personal shopper or enlisting the services of a personal stylist.

3.  Lots Of Lengths

Whatever the length of dress that you prefer, it’s out there. I am big fan of maxi dresses in the summer, but midi dresses work best for my day job. From mini to maxi, from knee to ankle, there is a length that flatters every lady out there. And there’s no need to stick to just one length, mix it up and fill your wardrobe with them all.

4.  Colour And Print

Dresses come with built-in colour and print detail. So you can choose from single colours, colour blocking or a pretty print. All the mixing and pairing up of colours and patterns has been incorporated in the design of the dress, making your choice that much easier.

5.  Every Occasion

On days when I go straight from work to a social event, it’s so much easier to make that transition when I am wearing a dress. I can change accessories, outerwear or shoes for a significant change to my look. And dresses meet the dress code for more social settings rather than a pair of trousers.

6.  Make Your Own

One of the many benefits of being organised is that it frees up time for you to do more than the necessary daily duties and activities. I’ve spent some of my free time at my sewing machine. One of the very first items I made when I started learning to sew was a dress (and I still have it, even though the zip is a little suspect and the fit is not exactly spot on). It is such a great feeling to see a dress you like, but know you can make it yourself in the fabric of your choice and you can make any alterations too. Sew Over It has a superb range of fabrics as well as patterns, in-person and online classes. So far, I have my eye on the Eve, Emma and Alex dresses.

7.  Oh So Feminine

And last but not least, dresses are the ultimate feminine piece of clothing, hands down. On days when you just want to be a fair lady, a dress most definitely fits the bill. Yes, I do agree a skirt would work too, but see point number one above.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the frockstar revolution. Planning your outfits (ahem…dresses) in advance will save you precious time in the mornings!