3 Baby Steps To Start Meal Planning Like A Pro

The advantages of meal planning go further than saving you time and money. Even though we know this, it can feel like a daunting task to go from empty fridge and empty kitchen cupboards to full-on home chef.

3 Baby Steps To Start Meal Planning Like A Pro.jpg

There’s no need to take the leap into meal planning all in one go. I’ll share with you three tiny steps that will guide you in the right direction.

1 | Stock up on containers

You’ll need these to store your pre-prepared ingredients, leftovers and frozen meals. Buy the best quality you can afford, no-leak is essential for packed lunches. You can of course use empty tubs and jars, but make them containers that you’d like to use as that way you’re more likely to use them. Having storage tubs on hand, means that you’re all ready for your first meal prep session.

2 | Make three meals

Doing this reinforces the idea that you can put together a meal. Feel free to make a trusty favourite or follow the steps from a cookbook. And then I suggest you put two of those meals in the freezer (don’t forget to label it). And there you have it, you already have two meals to defrost on a future day when you have no will or desire to cook.

3 | Create a Recipe Bank

Recording all the dishes you can make, provides an easy reference guide when you sit down to create your meal plan. If you don’t have a lot of dishes on the list to start with, then commit to trying out new recipes, consider one new recipe a week. There are an abundance of sources of recipes, so choose any that suit your eating style and taste.

I have several more posts coming up that will make child’s play of meal planning. For now, try these small steps