Use This Simple Strategy To Speed Up Your Week-Day Dinners

Having a well-stocked kitchen is a good thing.

However, after a busy day at work, it won’t stop you staring into your fridge, not knowing what to make for dinner. You’ve had a busy day at work and your brain just can’t handle another decision.

The easiest thing to do is here to make that decision – what shall I eat for dinner? – ahead of time. Of course, that won’t help you in the moment, but planning ahead stops it happening again. This is the essence of meal planning, but there’s no need to be really specific with each meal. That can feel restrictive and boring. Create a theme for each night’s dinner and it will guide and narrow down your options in making a final choice.

Use This Simple Strategy To Speed Up Your Weekday Dinners.jpg

Having a theme for each night of the week, gives you a reduced amount of thinking to do, but it also lets you change things up so you don’t get bored.

 When I say every night of the week, I mean every weeknight, weekend meals aren’t so scripted in my home. So here’s my suggestion for your weekday dinner themes:

1 | Meat on Monday

If you’re like me and don’t eat a lot of meat, then having one day of the week, where you do have meat kinda gets it out of the way, if you know what I mean. Go all out and consider shepherd’s pie, lasagna, spaghetti bolognaise and you’ve got your meat in for the week. Of course you could flip this idea the other way and make mondays a meat-free day instead.

2 | Soup-Day Tuesday

As the week progresses, my evening schedule tends to get busier and so I like the idea of my meals (and meal prep) getting easier. Homemade soups are very easy to put together and if you’re a baker at heart, you could even make some homemade bread too. If you’re pushed for time and cooking a pot of soup is out of the question, then may I recommend this range of soups, there’s a lot of variety, they have no added nasties and they’re good value for money.

3 | Wildcard Wednesday

Okay, here we are at the middle of the week. By this stage, the week may have gotten the better of you (or is that just me?), so meals need to be quick and easy. The best option here is leftovers, something from the freezer or a nutritious take away meal. Hence the name wildcard; anything goes. It feels great to have a day where you can make do with whatever is around and quick to put together.

4 | Stir-Fry Thursday

Who doesn’t love a stir-fry? You can change them up as often as you like, make them jam-packed with meat or totally meat-free. And when it comes to vegetables, grab a julienne peeler and just about any vegetable can be used. This theme is an easy one to have in your bag as there are so many ways to prep it.

5 | Fish on Friday

Traditionally, here in England, it’s fish for dinner on friday. I don’t know if that still applies today,, but I can tell you there are usually queues around the block at my local fish restaurant on a friday, so someone still thinks it’s a good idea. There are loads of ways to make fish a staple on your menu, think salmon steaks, tuna salad or good ol’ fish fingers.

So that was a simple guide to having a range of themes that can help guide you in your choice for week night eating.

Bon appétit.