10 Things To Plan In Advance For A Better Next Week


They may be manic, mellow or anywhere in between. What is consistent about Mondays is that they are the start of the traditional work week, so it’s time to get things done. So before next Monday rolls around, why not take some time to think about where you’d like to be by the end of the week and make a plan to get there.

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In today’s blog post, I’ll be discussing some of the areas to consider in setting up your week for certain success.

1. Morning Routine

I believe every day starts the night before. It pays to wake up prepared. And it starts with giving some thought as to what you’ll do when you wake up. We usually have little time to start our day before work, kids or both take up our time. If you’d like to feel more in control of your day, spend some time thinking over what steps to include in your daily morning routine that would work towards supporting the lifestyle you’d like to achieve.

2. Night-time Routine

In a similar manner, what you do just before retiring for the night is also important. It’s easy to fall asleep in front of the telly, exhausted from another busy day. However, to change that and end your day with more intention, it starts with giving your night-time wind down process some thought. How would you like to end your day? Have a calming cup of tea, do a little reading, lay out your clothes for tomorrow? It’s all possible, if you plan it.

3. Daily To Dos

Avoid missing impending deadlines and important dates, by planning out your tasks for the day in advance. In an earlier post, I shared the benefits of using a daily planner to make a note of all your tasks and jobs for the day.

4. Outfits

Some days it really does feel like there’s nothing to wear, even though I can see my wardrobe bulging at the metaphorical seams. You can make this a thing of the past by planning your outfits in advance. Start small by planning your workwear only and then progress to planning your after-work clothes, workout gear and weekend wardrobe.

5. Meals

It isn’t easy to follow a healthy lifestyle without some prior thought to what you’ll eat. There’s a certain sense of ease that flows through your week once you’ve worked out your dinners for the week. Once you’ve nailed that, it’s a smaller step to planning the rest of your meals. My trusty meal planner pack has all the planner pages to get you started.

6. Exercise

If you live a fairly active life, then you’ll probably incorporate exercise into your daily routines. If you don’t, then consider planning some exercise into your week, your heart and lungs will thank you for it.

7. Reading

I’ll confess. I love reading. And I may be biased here, but I truly think it’s a good thing to read on a daily basis. You could try a mix of fiction, non-fiction or educational material. However, there’s something stimulating about reading, in a way that listening isn’t. Try it for a week and let me know what you think.

8. Creativity

Doing something creative is a joyful thing. We all enjoy various activities, however there’s usually some aspect of our creative endeavours or hobbies that we can all do each week. Try incorporating it into your week to avoid feeling burnt out by work or frustrated with life in general.

9. Money

Keeping a close eye on your finances, on a weekly basis, gives you clearer insight into where it’s going. Track your finances on a weekly basis and use that to guide your spending plan. Of course, that involves planning some fun money too.

10. Errands

Sometimes, all those little odd jobs and errands end up taking up our precious weekend time. If you make a note of them ahead of time, you can plan to fit them into various free slots during your week. And then you can have a weekend free from picking up the laundry, posting parcels or other odd jobs.


How’s your week going? Would next week benefit from planning any of these points in advance? Let me know in the comments.