12 Printable Planners To Organise Your Life

This is no secret.

I am a fan of planners. I have designed a whole range and use most of them to organise my life. Daily and weekly planners are the norm. But I’ve found creating printable planners for various projects and interests really works for me. Today, I thought I’d share some of these planners, in the hope you’ll find them useful too.

12 Planners To Organise Your Whole Life.jpg

1. Daily Planner

Set yourself up for daily success by using a daily planner. Fill it in the night before. Then you’ll wake up ready to carpe the diem out of the day.

2. Year Planner

There’s nothing like the new year to bring on anticipation of new things. Use a year planner to mark all your important dates – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and appointments.

3. Wish List

Empty your head of all the things you’re dreaming of. Put pen to paper. And capture all your wishes in ink.

4. Meal Planner

Increase your chances of eating well, by planning your meals ahead of time. Home cooking, home delivery and eating out are all valid choices.

5. Recipe Page

Use a recipe card to record your recipe finds from cookbooks and food blogs. That way you won’t forget where a future beloved recipe came from.

6. Shopping List

All that cooking means you’ll need to do some grocery shopping. Avoid forgetting anything, by using a shopping list.

7. Spending Tracker

Keep track of how much you spend and what you spend it on by using a trusty spending tracker. Don’t forget to spend some time looking over your completed tracker. And adjust your spending habits accordingly.

8. Habit Tracker

Good habits lead to a better life. Keep track of your progress to a better you by using a habit tracker. Can you think of three habits you’d like to cultivate?

9. One Sentence Journal

Write a single sentence about something memorable every day. Record something you’re grateful for, something unexpected that happened or how you felt that day.

10. Packing List

How do you remember to take the essentials with you for your next holiday? Use a travel packing list.

There’s a planner for everything. Happy planning.