11 Essential Stationery Items Everyone Needs

Ever found the perfect gift for your best friend?

You know it’s something she’ll love. It cost less than you expected. And you bought it before her birthday.

You jump for joy. And decide to wrap it later.

Later translates into ten minutes before you’re heading out to meet her for dinner. You grab some wrapping paper. But can’t find any cellotape. Of course, cellotape is on your ‘someday’ shopping list. You’ve been meaning to buy some. Your good feelings about the perfect present give way to frustration at your wrapping challenges.

That’s just one scenario that won’t repeat itself once you’ve collated an organised assortment of stationery.

Car Prep: 10 Tips For Everyday Driving

Road trip.

When I hear those two words, my first thoughts are ‘must get the car ready’. Time to fill up on petrol. Pump up the tyres. And stock up on snacks. Snacks, mustn’t forget the snacks.

But you know what?

I hardly ever drive on long road trips. And when I do, there’s usually enough time to get my ducks in a row.

However, I do use my car every week, almost everyday. But this is where I’ve been caught out. I once drove to work wearing my slippers, only I didn’t realise until I was getting out of the car.

One & Done: A New Approach To New Year's Resolutions

So the traditional approach as a new year approaches has been to sit down and write out a list of goals for the year. Finding the balance between what you want and the commitment to doing your bit can be tricky. Deciding how many goals to set, which areas of life to focus on and what changes I’ll make has meant that some years my new year’s resolution list was about as long as my arm. And unless I was going to tattoo that list on my arm, it was unlikely that at any one time I’d be able to recall all my goals, never mind start achieving them. Then there were the years when I made shorter lists only to feel a bit disappointed that I hadn’t written a longer one when lots of ‘non-list’ things came to fruition.

Be A Frockstar! 7 Reasons Why Dresses Are The Ultimate Clothing Item

So how many times have you been caught out deciding what to wear? Usually in the morning right?! Standing in front of open wardrobe doors staring at the contents and getting stuck on what to wear is a very familiar situation for me. I repeatedly promised myself I’d get organised and plan my outfits ahead of time and only recently started using an outfit planner. And it has been a game changer. However, what has been an even bigger help in choosing my daily outfits has been limiting my choices to dresses. Becoming a frockstar has so many benefits and I’ve listed them below.

Want A Squeaky Clean Home? Try This Tripod Of Success

Most blogs about getting organised are mostly about home organisation; kitchen closets, wardrobe rehab, laundry schedules and the like. That’s not my sole intention here. I want to cover topics about being organised that pertain to all aspects of life. I believe it’s a skill that applies to all that we do and all that we are. Of course, you’ll have to take my word for it for now, but please do stick around and you’ll be able to judge for yourself. For now, I figured I’d pen a ‘homey’ article that shares my viewpoint. So let’s get stuck into my take on cleaning and the home front.