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Be Fully Organised For Your Next Trip Away

Here's the truth – relaxing holidays require upfront planning and organising.

What if you could use a system that made getting ready for your next trip a breeze?

Introducing T to T: A comprehensive system to streamline your travel plans 


It all started when...

There's a lot that goes into planning a great getaway; from booking time off work or clearing space in your schedule, to choosing your next destination and making the trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible. And then there's the packing! You want to pack the right things in the right amounts, so you're not lugging suitcases around full of clothes that won't see the light of day while you're away. Then you've got to work out which kitsch keepsake to bring home and of course you'll buy a gift or two. And once you're home, you want that relaxed feeling to last longer than...lest you feel like you need another holiday straight away. then returning home to settle back into everyday life. 

That's a lot of balls to juggle to achieve vacation victory, inevitably one or two balls get dropped and this adds an undesirable element of stress to your time of rest and relaxation.


When you think of your past holidays, have you ever had any of these happen:

You have a long list of dream destinations, but struggle to choose where your next trip will be

You've forgotten to arrange travel insurance until it was almost too late and too expensive

You frustratingly pack and re-pack your suitcase but still end up with a case that bulges at the seams

And you end up dragging it around and find you still have 'nothing' to wear

Holiday mementos that looked cute in the store end up in a heap of clutter once you come home 

You enjoyed your getaway but when talking about it more than two weeks after your return home, the details are all fuzzy and you've forgotten the name of the lovely hotel you stayed in

You recommend the hotel you stayed in to a friend, but you draw a blank on the name or even the address. Even worse, you only stayed there last month!

I understand, I've been there too.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
— JRR Tolkien

Now wouldn't it be great if:



It is possible! 


Hi, I'm Sonna. 

I've had the good fortune to have travelled a lot, from North America to South America, from Africa to Asia and all over Europe. Planes, trains and automobiles as well as ships, boats and ferries have taken me around the world for work purposes and pleasure.

And along the way I've missed my flight and paid for an expensive new ticket and overpriced overnight hotel. I've forgotten my favourite sunglasses and have the squinty-eyed photos to prove it. A frantic attempt to book a hotel at the last minute meant staying miles from civilisation, really. I've boarded a plane blissfully unaware that my luggage wasn't making the trip and hadn't packed anything remote-fully useful in my carry-on. I've missed connecting flights. And there was that one trip where I forgot my foreign currency on the kitchen counter. Determined to shop until I dropped, it all fell apart when my credit card was declined. No, I hadn't notified my bank I was going away...and yes I misplaced my passport just a few days before an international flight...I made the trip

I decided enough was enough when...

Even though my work days are full to the brim, I ... now I can


How organised met awesome as I travelled the world

. Along the way I have created used and refined my system that makes getting ready to travel a breeze whether it's a surprise trip or the holiday of a lifetime.


And now you're invited to join me as I share/reveal all my travel planning nuggets/secrets.


Whether you are travelling solo or in a group, staying local or going long haul, you need a simple system that takes you from dream to departure


Introducing The Travel Companion, a complete 100% online programme that guides you through planning your holiday, from remote idea to returning home.


What you will learn in this course


How to turn your wanderlust wishlist into a concrete calendar so you can finally take the trips you dream of and cross them of your wishlist

How to stay on top of key dates to ensure they don't clash with your travel plans

How to choose the right sized luggage that works for carry-on and check-in. this works for multiple airlines so you can use for local or long haul flights.

How to pack outfits for every trip so you'll always look good in person and in your pics

A super simple packing formula – with examples. What clothing items to pack for the best mix of outfits, shoes and bags.

How to maximise the fun in every holiday to make your experiences truly memorable

How to return home with cute keepsakes that you'll want to keep forever

How to remember and recall the highlights of your trip for years to come

How to keep the relaxed holiday vibe for as long as possible when you return


An investment in travel is an investment in yourself
— M. Karsten

Who's teaching this course?

My story

This online programme is right for you if:


  1. You're a seasoned traveller but you haven't nailed a sound system to plan your travels yet
  2. You've travelled a lot for business, but now you're going to travel for pleasure
  3. You're planning your first ever trip and you want to do it right from the get-go
  4. You want to spend as little time planning your holiday as possible
  5. You want to go away but keep putting it off because you feel overwhelmed when you think about organising it all
  6. You're not sure where to start with planning a holiday

Here's what's included in The Travel Companion


Module 1:

The Travel Timetable

Map out your travels for the whole year (and key dates)

  • Simple instructions
  • Step-by-step walkthrough


Module 2:

Before & After

Pre- & Post-Travel Essentials


Module 3:

Making Memories

  • Mementos & keepsakes
  • Timing of holiday experiences


Module 5:

The Baggage Blueprint


Module 5:

The Fill-it Up Formula/Perfectly Packed

Outfit planner

Packing list

Carry-on & Checked luggage

Bonus Content: convert this text block to an image block



Printable Travel Planner

The techniques, tools and templates are yours, and you can use them to plan as many holidays as you want.

Ready to plan your next holiday?


The Travel Companion price££

  • 6x short actionable videos guiding you through my whole travel planning process
  • PDF Cribsheets & Checklists to accompany each video
  • PDF Travel Planner that you can customise for your trip

100% money back guarantee

Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.
— H. Murakami

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I travel for business only

I'm travelling, but by car and rail, no flights at all. Will this course help me

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